Lushington Hill Restorations - Testimonials

My reasons for wanting this work done were to address usual paint defects to 15/20 year old car, laquer defects, stone chips, general dullness and to return the car to a standard as good as or as preferably better than factory condition. The results I think you will agree speak for themselves. Good enoigh, in fact to earn Best in Class & Second overall (by just 1 point!) at MB National Concours 2010 and Milton Keynes it's worth mentioning that concours prep was not part of my brief, these results were achieved purely by virtue of Lushington Hill Restorations awareness of the standard required by owners of older cars and their sympathy & enthusiasm towards achieving them.


Brief for these works were to address small dent to NS front wing, NS door & NS rear wing, plus rear lower panel discolouration. All trim had to come off including door handles/locks etc it's worth mentioning how important it is to listen & act on advice given during quotation regarding the need to allow them to fade out along adjoining panels which helps to give a seamless match - always difficult on 25 year old paint. Results of these works speak for themselves and were good enough to gain this car an award for Best Original Paint at Classic Car Show with 300+ entries at Malvern. Did feel a bit guilty about receiving this but it's an excellent testimony to Lushington Hill Restoration's Abilities and Standards.



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